3 Reasons for Hiring an NYC Immigration Lawyer

NYC immigration lawyer

In 2021, New York state comprised 20% of immigrants, coming to about 4.42 million people. This is due to the state’s pro-immigration policies that encourage more diversity.

Immigration laws are very complex and can feel intimidating to most people. That is why getting an NYC immigration lawyer can be so helpful for your case.

They’re trained in NY immigration law and know exactly what this process entails. Because of this, immigration lawyers can help you through this process and make it less stressful.

Keep reading to learn why you should choose an NYC immigration lawyer. 1. Understanding Your Options

There is plenty of immigration information available online that can feel confusing. Getting a visa is something specific that people struggle to understand.

The immigration law in NYC offers many visa options. There are 180 types of V says you can acquire in the United States.

An NYC immigration lawyer will help you to understand what visa you need. You must pick the right type of visa so that you are a legal resident of the US.

This often depends on getting work residency, seeking asylum, or visiting someone. 2. Step-by-Step Assistance

An immigration attorney will also help simplify the entire process. You must meet specific requirements if you do not want to be rejected.

You may not know what information to give or accidentally give incorrect information. Immigration attorneys understand this process and will help you to know what information is essential.

They can help you fill out the information and check to make sure it is accurate. This helps ensure that your application is accepted and nothing goes wrong. 3. Faster Process

Visa applications can take as long as months to years to be completed. An immigration attorney will help after submitting your application by expediting the process.

They will know how to speed up this process, so you aren’t waiting for years. They will also update you about what is happening and when you expect to hear the news.

Without an attorney, you would have to sit back and wait without any news about how long the process will take. Why You Should Get an NYC Immigration Lawyer

If you want to immigrate to NYC, you may not know how to get started with this process. Becoming a legal US resident with a visa can be complex and time-consuming.

That is where an NYC immigration lawyer comes in and helps you throughout this process. This is a much better option than trying to do this by yourself without any experience.

Do you want to hire an NYC immigration lawyer to help you with your application? Contact us today at Robert J. Maher Law for immigration and estate planning assistance.

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